AWS Data Engineer


AWS Data Engineer

AWS is a platform you cannot avoid, to find a rewarding career in this rapidly growing industry, you need to stand out from the crowd. One way in which big data professionals achieve this is through certifications—an AWS certified data engineer is often preferred by employers ahead of those without.

Why you should join AWS Data Engineer training course from Sunshine Learning & Technologies?

Primarily, AWS Data Engineer certification helps bridge a professional’s skills gap—anyone preparing to be certified as an AWS data engineer is likely to develop skills and experience across the entire landscape. Moreover, AWS Data Engineer training course from Sunshine Learning & Technologies, is an add- on as it shows your employer that your skills are demonstrable, helping you grow within your current job, get a better job or negotiate better salaries.

What is AWS Data Engineering?

AWS Data Engineering manages Data Pipelines, Data Transfer, and Data Storage. In this article, you will learn about the process and tools in AWS Data Engineering. You can also check our article for best data migration tools

Choosing the right database for the workload is one of the most important decisions developers can make to create performant and responsive cloud-based applications. Aligning the type of database with the data-access patterns of the application can also promote agile application development. As a certified AWS certified data engineer, you can grow to lead teams in your area of work, be it solution architecture, development or operations. On the other hand, you can also gain specialist certifications in analytics, networking, etc., which establishes you as an expert in that niche.

At Sunshine Learning & Technologies, our experts mould this course to help you to explore the benefits of and processes for building modern applications with purpose-built databases, such as Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon Neptune, Amazon DocumentDB, and Amazon Keyspaces.


Without Having a Degree, Can You Get Certified as an AWS Data Engineer?

Yes, you can as AWS certifications do not require applicants to have a formal college degree to apply. It does need you to have relevant experience, though. To take the AWS big data specialty exam, AWS recommends that you have five years of experience in data analytics in addition to holding an active cloud practitioner certification or one of the associate-level certifications.

How do I become an AWS data engineer?

Exam Requirements

  1. To take the test, a person should have at least two years of experience in management of AWS technologies.
  2. The person should have minimum five years of experience in the field of Big Data analytics.

What is the role of AWS Data Engineer?

The role of a data engineer is to do the following: Design, implement, and maintain the pipelines that enable the ingestion of raw data into a storage platform. Transform that data to be optimized for analytics. Make that data available for various data consumers using their tool of choice. As a Data Engineer, you will analyze large amounts of business data, solve real world problems, and develop metrics and business cases that will enable us to continually delight our customers worldwide. Their ultimate goal is to make data accessible so that organizations can use it to evaluate and optimize their performance.

How much does AWS certification make?

Snapshot: Top-Paying AWS Certifications


2021 Average Salary
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional $154,548
AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate $153,142
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate $158,777
AWS Certified Developer – Associate $159,767

Source : a Website.

Do Data Engineering require coding?

The duties of data engineers and software engineers overlap, especially in smaller companies. But there are tangible differences between the two. For instance, data engineers generally work with Dragon Drop coding and data visualization. You will probably be coding but not nearly as much as a software engineer

How can I become a Data Engineer?

Here comes the role of Sunshine Learning & Technologies, our trainers will help you in becoming a data engineer by strengthening following skills:

  1. Develop your data engineering skills. Learn the fundamentals of cloud computing, coding skills, and database design as a starting point for a career in data science.
  2. Get certified.
  3. Build a portfolio of data engineering projects.
  4. Start with an entry-level position.

 Essential Data Engineer Technical Skills                                       

  • Database systems (SQL and NoSQL)
  • Data warehousing solutions.
  • ETL tools
  • Machine learning
  • Data APIs
  • Python, Java, and Scala programming languages.
  • Understanding the basics of distributed systems.
  • Knowledge of algorithms and data structures.

Do Data engineers need to know web scraping?

No, web scraping may be cumbersome. However, it isn’t considered challenging. For data science it’s helpful if you can use the data that you scraped.

Is Data Engineer a Good Job?

Companies like Amazon, Hewlett-Packard, and Facebook all hire data engineers to help optimize their business through the use of data. Because of the increasing demand, a career in data engineering can be quite a lucrative one, often paying well into the 6 figure range.

What is future of Data Engineer?

With the move from batch-oriented data movement and processing to real-time data movement and processing, there has been a significant shift toward “real-time data pipelines and real-time data processing systems.”

Looking to switch careers to data engineering?

Data engineering is currently one of tech’s fastest-growing sectors. Data engineers enjoy high job satisfaction, varied creative challenges, and a chance to work with ever-evolving technologies. Sunshine Learning & Technologies, now offers a comprehensive AWS Data Engineer Course.

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