Google Cloud Digital Leader


Sunshine Learning & Technology’s, helps you in gaining foundational literacy in Cloud & Digital Transformation. A Google Cloud Digital Leader can distinguish and evaluate the various capabilities of Google Cloud core products and services and how they can be used to achieve desired business goals. A Cloud Digital Leader is well-versed in basic cloud concepts and can demonstrate a broad application of cloud computing knowledge in a variety of applications.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is one of the fastest-growing cloud platforms. Becoming a Google Cloud (GCP) Certified Cloud Digital Leader is a perfect approach to begin your Google Cloud journey.  Kickstart, your career in Cloud with the GCP Cloud Digital Leader Certification. The certification content hones your fundamentals of Google Cloud core products and services. You will be able to describe common business use cases and recommend cloud solutions. As a certified GCP Cloud Digital Leader you can work with tech companies such as Accenture, Deloitte and Infosys etc.

Sunshine Learning & Technologies, designed Cloud Digital Leader training is to give you foundational knowledge about cloud technology and data. This training also offers an overview of Google Cloud products and services that enable organizations’ digital transformation. This training will empower you and your team(s) to contribute to cloud-related business initiatives across your organization.

This training builds knowledge in these areas:

  • General cloud knowledge
  • General Google Cloud knowledge
  • Google Cloud products and services
  • Digital transformation, data, and AI/ML
  • Modernizing company IT infrastructure and applications

Overview of the Google Cloud Digital Leader

 The Google Cloud Digital Leader is composed of the following domains:

  1. Setting up a cloud solution environment
  2. Planning and configuring a cloud solution
  3. Deploying and implementing a cloud solution
  4. Ensuring successful operation of a cloud solution
  5. Configuring access and security


  • Zero Knowledge of Google Cloud Platform is expected
  • Journey to become a Google Cloud Certified Cloud Digital Leader is NOT a cake way. You need a lot of patience and dedication!
  • You would need a valid debit or credit card to create your Google Cloud Platform account

What does a cloud digital leader do?

A Cloud Digital Leader can distinguish and evaluate the various capabilities of Google Cloud core products and services and how they can be used to achieve desired business goals.

What does it take to earn the GCP Cloud Digital Leader certification?

To earn this certification, you will need to enrol and pass the GCP Cloud Digital Leader certification exam by securing a minimum of 70% right answers. The exam features multiple-choice and multiple-select question formats with 90 minutes of time duration. This exam is available only in English.


Benefits of GCP Cloud Digital Leader certification

Cloud Fundamentals: This certificate clears your fundamentals of Cloud Technology and Google Cloud.

Growing Market: GCP-certified professionals are in demand for a client-facing role at Big tech companies to pitch cloud solutions.

Certification Goals: GCP Cloud Digital Leader certification sets you on the certification path. This is your first step in becoming a GCP Cloud Expert.

Career Advancement: A GCP Certified cloud leader earns 20-25% higher than the median salary for their role.

Who should take GCP Cloud Digital Leader Certification?

If you are an entry-level professional in the cloud the GCP cloud leader certification is your first step and introduction to Google Cloud.

 If you are part of cloud marketing or sales teams learn the skills to articulate Google Cloud core products, services, and their benefits to a wide range of organizations.

 If you are an aspiring student, the GCP Cloud Digital leader is a good introduction to the cloud.

Who is a Google Cloud Certified Cloud Digital Leader?

In Google Cloud Terminology you can be considered a Google Cloud Leader

  • If you have fundamental knowledge and skills using GCP.
  • You can articulate the Google Cloud Offering as a solution and pitch Google Cloud solution to a client.
  • Earned the Google Cloud Certified Cloud Digital Leader certification.

Is the Google Cloud Certified Cloud Digital Leader good for Career Growth?

Yes, the Google Cloud Certified Cloud Digital Leader certification gives a great headstart to your career in the cloud domain.

Is it worth to prepare for Cloud Digital Leader exam?

  • It is worth in the following use cases:
    If you are in the leadership role and have the responsibility of managing the Google Cloud team
  • You are new to Google Cloud technology and would like to get started with this cloud platform
  • Or, you are tech savvy person to want to hold more number of certification to showcase in your profile

What is the validity of the Google Cloud certification?

Google Cloud certification comes with the validity of two years from the date certified. You need to recertify to maintain your certificate number and certification status.

The Cloud Digital Leader exam is job-role independent. The exam assesses the knowledge and skills of individuals who want or are required to understand the purpose and application of Google Cloud products.

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