Ring Central

Training Agenda

  • RingCentral Desktop Application
  • Practise
  • Assessment
  • RingCentral Mobile Application
  • Practise
  • Assessment
  • RingCentral Administration Portal
  • Practise
  • Assessment
  • Administration Assessment Review
  • RingCentral End User Portal
  • Practise
  • Assessment
  • Review of Desktop and Mobile
  • Review of Administration Portal
  • Review of End User Portal
  • Q&A

Training Outcomes

  • Understanding of RingCentral and its capabilities
  • Ability to use and manage RingCentral Desktop, Mobile, Administration and End User Portal

Introduction to RingCentral

  • RingCentral is the #1 cloud communications and contact centre solution on the market.
  • RingCentral offers Message. Video. Phone. Integrated and call this RingCentral MVP
  • RingCentral has a 99.999% uptime which equates to just 78 seconds of downtime per quarter—the gold standard for uptime SLAs.

RingCentral Includes

What is VOIP?

  • VOIP also know as Cloud Telephony or Cloud Calling provides voice communications over the internet
  • It replaces the need for conventional enterprise telephone systems
  • Allows users to purchase licenses as required, scaling up or down when needed
  • RingCentral provides a standardized telephony platform offering on their servers, with customers gaining remote access- via the internet – on a subscription or as-needed basis